Overwatch Security is determined to provide body camera solutions at affordable prices while also matching and beating other industry leaders based on quality and features. We stock two sub-categories within the body camera range which include Professional and Minimalist models. 

The Professional body cameras generally include an LCD screen which allows the user to playback footage/screenshots and change the settings remotely. They also include more side buttons such as audio record only, event star (which stars important occurrences), snapshot, one-press record button and others.

Furthermore, additional ports can include input/outputs which allow for extension ports (PTT/USB), AV in/out, HDMI (mini), external camera support and more. 

Our Minimalist models (EH line) are designed to be very simple to use with minimal buttons required for operation. Some features that you may find in our Professional range have been removed from the Minimalist models such as input ports, LCD screens and GPS. For these models, you will require PC software to retrieve footage and change the settings.



Our body cams are suited for range of professions, some of which include:

  • Rail coordination and traffic management
  • Ambulance and patient transport
  • Fisheries, marine and aviation (airports)
  • Police/ law enforcement and Customs personnel
  • Transport security officers
  • Static guards and patrol officers
  • Wildlife rescue, animal welfare and parks officers
  • Local council and compliance officers (e.g ticket inspectors, rangers)
  • Schools and detention centres


Our body cams are also suited for the general public as they are easy to use. If you are not in a security profession, you can still utilize the full benefits of our models.

We offer a range of accessories such as adjustable shoulder/chest mounts, external cameras and more. For our larger customers we have additional options such as professional docking stations and docking towers, as well as custom emblem printing and branding on the unit itself. A MOQ must be met before this is achievable though.

*View our article for more information on how we compare to our competitors and the main differences between our body camera models for a more in-depth guide.



At Overwatch Security we stock our own range of trackers for vehicle and truck tracking purposes. The PL650 offers a hard-wired solution, whereas the PL630 is plug-and-play via the OBD2 port. Both devices include free servers.

The former PL models have now been replaced with our new 4G PL models; the PL651 and PL631 which serve the same function. Telstra is expected to begin shutting down the 3G network as early as 2020 and therefore, older generation GPS trackers will not work. From October 2019, Overwatch Security only stocks 4G models to ensure that our products will be future proof.



This category is constantly expanding and changing with new load bearing vests, slash proof clothing and LED flashing lights to gear you up before a job.

We also support custom orders such as custom branding or patches on your vests if you meet the minimum order quantity. Please contact us for more information.