• 3G GPS Trackers
    • Fleet Management
    • Hard Wired, Portable & OBD Solutions
    • Newest 3G tracking technology paired with FREE lifetime servers
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  • Police Worn Body Cameras
    • Extreme HD solutions (1296P)
    • Police optimised, including encryption software with heavy duty casing
    • Significant choice of cameras for police officers, security personnel & the general public.
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  • Complete Home Security
    • Monitor your home and scare away thieves 24/7
    • Find out what your dog really does when you're not home
    • A wide range of choice from a singular WiFi IP camera to an 8CH 1080P Solution
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CCTV Security, Tracking & Body Camera Solutions


Body Cameras & More

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We are dedicated to proving the highest quality and most affordable security solutions for law enforcement, military, security personnel and individual customers.

Our systems include some of the best technology in the industry; AXIS solutions and Ambarella chipsets, which produce outstanding high definition video that you can rely on.


Send us an email for a reply in under 14 hours: info@overwatchsecurity.com.au



OverWatch Security is located in Melbourne with Security Systems from China, Australia and the USA. Our sister store, Zendle, is also located in Melbourne and provides a range of different electronics which allow you to 'Never Miss The Action'.

OverWatch Security enables the user with a 'New View At Perception' with our systems ultimately catching any incident at your work place in crystal clear high definition video. We have reputable professional installers at the ready for our Melbourne commercial customers, however, most of our 'Home/Residential' kits are easy enough for a DIY installation if you're moderately familiar with CCTV technology.

Unlike other security companies, we have packaged everything you need for a home/small business installation into one DIY kit. This includes everything from cameras and recorders to pre-installed hard drives and cables, ultimately making your life much easier. It also eradicates the experience of hiring 'professional' installers which are usually unethical and end up charging insane amounts for something you can do yourself.