• Small, Light & Compact
    • Up To 14 Hours Battery Life
    • XHD With 160° Wide FOV
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    • Durable & Reliable
    • Up To 12 Hours Battery Life
    • Simple To Use & Operate
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    • Fleet Management
    • Hard Wired, Portable & OBD Solutions
    • 3G/4G Tracking Technology with Mobile Apps
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Supplying Law Enforcement, Local Councils, Security Companies & Other Organisations


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most affordable security products for law enforcement, security personnel, traffic control, local councils and the general public.

We specialise in body worn cameras, GPS trackers, and gear such as load bearing vests.

What clients are saying about our Body cameras

In the pass 8 months I've trialled a few different types of body camera's and I've found the EH150 to be fast, efficient & user friendly. I would recommended anyone that has a need to work in a potentially dangerous or volatile area of security to at least trial the EH150.

Ben H, Ironbark Security

I am happy with the quality of the camera. It records in great quality and the night vision is incredible. Perfect for law enforcement officers for use in the course of their duties. Couldn't have bought a better body. Thank you.

Kenneth E, WA Police Officer

We are finding the units easy to use, and downloading the footage that we need to capture is a breeze with not having to use a separate software program for that purpose. Some of our previous body cam brands have often given us problems with glitches that somehow appear after a certain period of time, with units increasingly having trouble connecting to the supplied software needed to download footage.

Stephen R, City of Adelaide

Great body cam. Excellent video and very easy to use, both recording and extracting the footage. I work as a parking officer and this has reduced the hostility towards us. Attitudes seem to change when you know you're being recorded!

Carl G, VIC Shire Council

Good unit for the price. Adjustable settings to suit my individual situation. Lots of storage with a screen to review footage. Easy & accessible buttons.

Daryll M, Newsagency



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