Can i turn off audio or only enable audio?

A. Yes. Our body cameras have many features which allow you to record with video/audio, record with only audio or video or take snapshots. This is useful in areas where audio recording is not permitted.


    Is there a pre-record option for my BWC?

    A. Yes. Please check the specifications for your particular model. Most of our models include a 30 or 60 second pre-record function and a 30 second post record function. This means that once you click 'record', the BWC will have already recorded the previous 30-60 seconds.


    I don't have a load bearing vest. Can i still use a Professional BWC?

    A. You can, however please take note of the weight of the BWC unit. In most cases, if you are only wearing a shirt, BWC's tend to droop down and don't allow a correct recording angle. This can be controlled by wearing an adjustable shoulder mount or an adjustable chest harness if you do not have a load bearing vest or sturdy clothing. Alternatively, you also have the option to clip the unit onto your belt and run an external camera through your clothing and secure it to your shoulder or other areas.


    Where can i purchase a load bearing vest from?

    A. Please check out our 'Gear' category. Here you will find a range of load bearing vests.


    How do i charge the unit?

    A. Simply connect it to your included individual docking station and plug the docking station into your PC or wall outlet. You can also transfer data/video through the docking station if it's connected to the PC. If you require bulk charging or bulk data transfer, 8-Port professional docking station solutions may suit.


    How do i transfer data and do you have cloud storage?

    A. You can transfer data such as audio, video, snapshots and more by connecting the unit to your PC client and simply transferring the video across to your drive. We don't have any cloud storage option at the moment, however, our 3G/4G models can save video in real-time to your preferred server.

    Cloud storage tends to be very expensive with competitors charging recurring subscription costs and disabling manual data transfer options through the PC which force you to pay.


    Do your BWC's include encryption software?

    A. Our models include a range of loss and theft protection methods and include AES encryption to provide peace of mind. Each unit also includes a 5 digit device ID and 6 digit police ID.

    We also include the ability to set administrator passwords for data management. This means that without entering the password via the software, the user can not gain access to camera's storage & settings. This prevents unethical behavior and misuse as the officer cannot manually delete footage if they engage in unlawful behaviour.

    All encryption methods are turned off by default. If you would like to enable them, you must do so through the settings. Please refer to the manual for more information.


    What is the difference between your BWC's?

    A. Click here to view our comparison table and click here to see how we weigh up against our competitors.